Jagermeister 700mL

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Jägermeister, the famed herbal liqueur, traces its origins to 1934 in Wolfenbüttel, Germany. The brand was first crafted by Curt Mast for medicinal purposes, and it soon became celebrated for its bold and intricate flavours.

Crafted from a secret blend of 56 botanicals, this spirit boasts a rich and aromatic taste, featuring notes of spices, herbs and citrus. Best served ice-cold as a shot, it has become a symbol of gatherings and is known for being irreverent and culturally disruptive. The unmistakable green bottle, adorned with the iconic stag emblem, signifies its global appeal. With its smooth yet robust profile, Jägermeister enthrals adventurous drinkers, especially when savoured as an ice-cold shot.

Tasting Notes

NOSE Initial nose of spice, such as star anise, cinnamon, clove and cardamom. EVALUATE As one sips at precisely -18 degrees Celsius, one enjoys the glories of anise, fennel, coffee, orange, burnt sugar and cola. FINISH The finish is a harmony of complex bitterness and herbaceous mystery. Dry, long, yet not overly sweet, preparing the pallet to re-engage once more.

Product Details

Alcohol By Volume 35
Standard Drinks 23
Closure Screw top

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